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First Post – rant

Well, this is my first blog post, so what should I write about? Why not have a little rant about something I discovered recently (at least on Ubuntu).

sudo depends on DNS

WTF? Why does something like local privilege escalation, which does not leave the machine I am on, have anything to do with networking. Further, why the hell should a network configuration issue stop sudo from working. And even further still, why would Ubuntu (which as part of the normal install process does not set a root password) allow something as essential and necessary as sudo to be depended on a functioning network configuration? Amazingly though, a Google search showed this is a known issue. I really like the title of this bug: Manually Configuring Network Causes Massive, Unreversable, Failure. I believe this will be the first of many rants this blog will see, so readers (yes all 1 of you… thanks honey), check back soon. I’ll try and keep it G rated, but no guarantees :–)