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I no longer recommend Rackspace Cloud

Regular readers of this blog (currently 6 of you madmen) will notice I removed the “PAS Recommends” section linking to Rackspace Cloud. That is because I can simply no longer recommend them. It is a sad day.

They are wasting resources by creating pointless iPhone and Android applications, and sending out survey after survey, all while the Management Console continues to get worse and worse. Right now in fact, I get a “white screen” after logging in.

Amazon’s Web Services are kicking Rackspace Cloud’s arse by continuously improving and upgrading their services. AWS has it all, and is only getting better while Rackspace Cloud sits dormant. I cannot believe we still cannot create an image of a machine larger than 75Gb, and that backups fail silently if the size does increase.

RIP Rackspace Cloud. I had much higher hopes for you.